May 5, 2020

At Welcome House, we pride ourselves on our ability to help each individual client through their unique challenges and barriers, adjusting our programs to meet the ever-changing needs of the population we serve, and filling gaps in services.

In recent years, we have launched a street and medical outreach program to meet clients where they are, bridge the gap between the homeless and vital medical care, and connect with men, women, and families experiencing homelessness in more rural counties. We created a program tailored to homeless youth 18-24, who have unique needs as well as unique opportunities to change their life path. We have provided peer support for clients who need to connect with someone who has “been there.” We are proud to partner with over 50 other agencies in the area to connect every person we serve to every resource they need to find success now and in the future.

This year, COVID-19 came in like a lion and put our team to the test. And as with every other challenge that has come our way, we adapted and took action to protect the most vulnerable members of our community. Since the onset of COVID-19, we have provided emergency shelter and services to over 200 men, women, and children who found themselves homeless in the midst of this public health crisis.

We want to take today to say, “Thank you,” to everyone who has supported our emergency efforts over the last few months. Whether you have made a financial contribution, provided a meal, whether you are a business owner, a partner agency, or a government official who has worked with Welcome House in some way, all of this has been possible thanks to your support.

We hope you will stick with us through this ongoing journey. We have done amazing work together over the last few months, and we still have a long road ahead, but we know we are better together.

To make a donation in continued support of our efforts, to view donation wish lists, and for more ideas on how you can get involved, visit our Get Involved page.