Homeless Solutions

Street Outreach

The Outreach Program is an interdisciplinary team whose goal is to bring emergency stabilization services to specific parts of our region. The outreach team’s priority is to spend time searching for those experiencing homelessness and build relationships with them as we address physical and emotional needs. In addition, the team continues to knock down transportation barriers by meeting the program participants where they are in the community.

Service Coordination

The Service Coordination area provides assessments, outreach, case planning, financial education, budgeting assistance, housing counseling, employment support, and community referral services.

Service Coordinators work directly with residents staying at Welcome House shelter, other local shelters as well as homeless or at-risk individuals and families. After participants obtain housing, they are offered additional in-home visits to help keep them on their targeted plan of self-sufficiency. Service Coordinators may provide additional support for up to six months.

Case management can address a wide-range of situations including housing, applications for food stamps or medical insurance, budgeting, and case planning.

Social Security Outreach, Access & Recovery (SOAR)

The Social Security Outreach Program (SSO) uses the SOAR method to assist homeless or at-risk individuals with mental or physical disabilities to complete applications for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Together with the Social Security Administration and Disability Determination Services, the program provides access to stable and permanent income, medical insurance, and social services coordination. Approved program participants could be required to have a Payee and refer to Payee Services for further assessment.

Shelter Services

Women’s and Children’s Shelter

The Welcome House Shelter for Homeless Women and Children provides a safe place to stay for approximately 35 homeless women and children each night. Residents of the Shelter work with Service Coordinators and other Welcome House staff to increase income and access affordable housing while removing any barriers to success. While working toward stability, program participants have a safe place to live, nutritious meals, hygiene supplies, and other assistance needed.

Family Promise

Family Promise aims to change the lives of homeless and low-income families in Northern Kentucky by providing shelter in an effort to help them reach sustainable independence. Through the Family Promise module, we can shelter two heads of household families.

For more information about Family Promise, visit https://familypromise.org/.


Welcome House can shelter up to 10 veterans experiencing homelessness. The veterans we serve have many complex and unique needs. We encourage flexibility within our program by eliminating barriers to admission of the shelter and continually engaging veterans in our services. Residents of the Shelter work with a dedicated Service Coordinator, the local VA, and other Welcome House staff to increase income and access affordable housing. In addition, the Service Coordinator would discuss other varying eligibility requirements upon assessment.