Are you looking for ways to volunteer and give back to those in need? Consider hosting a donation drive! Volunteering your time and effort to engage others in a donation drive is a great way to multiply the impact that one person can make! Here are 5 easy steps for hosting your own donation drive! Click here to download an abbreviated version of the 5 steps.

1. Contact Welcome House

Before you take any other steps, contact Welcome House’s Development Team to let them know that you are interested in hosting a donation drive. They will know which items are most-needed at any given time, will provide important details about donation acceptance policies, can share ideas from previous donation drives, and answer any questions you have. After you speak with the Development Team, you can find printable wish lists here!

2. Create a plan

As with any project, there are some logistics to consider. We’ve created a printable planning sheet with all of the important details you will need to think about before you begin collecting! For example, how long will you collect items (1 day, 1 week, multiple different days, etc.). Another thing to think about is where you will collect the items: Will people bring the items to you? If so, where will they drop them off? You could choose a central location, or multiple drop-off points. Or will you arrange with others a time for you to pick up their donations? After you’ve figured this out, you need to decide where your donations will be stored until you have everything ready to drop off. Make sure that you have a big enough space and enough boxes/bins for all of the items you plan to collect!

3. Spread the word

Now that you have figured out all the behind the scenes work, you can begin spreading the word about your donation drive! You can use email, calls or texts, or word of mouth to tell your family, friends, and neighbors about your donation drive. If you are looking to expand your reach, there are many more options for getting others involved! You might post on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to inform your friends about what you are collecting, who you are collecting for, and how they can donate. If your neighborhood or community has a group Facebook page, posting on there can be a great way to get the information out to a lot of people! You can also post flyers around your neighborhood, or hand flyers out to people at your church, school, or on your sports team. This step is a perfect time for you to get creative about getting the word out to as many people as possible! Visit our press room to find photos, logos, and quick stats about Welcome House that you may want to include in any flyers or other communications about your donation drive.

4. Collect

This is the best part! Be sure to thank everyone who donates items for your drive! This is a great chance to interact and get to know those in your community who share your passion for helping those in need. Don’t forget to take pictures! All of the items you collect should be placed in boxes or other containers that make it easy to transport.

5. Schedule a delivery

Once you have collected all of the donations, the final step is to contact Welcome House once more to schedule a donation drop off. You can again contact Kelly Rose at or (859) 431-8717 to schedule a time that works for both you and Welcome House.

By hosting a donation drive, not only will you be making a difference in the lives of others, but you will also be building your skillset as well. Hosting a drive can teach many valuable skills such as marketing, fundraising, and teamwork, and goal-making (it is a great idea to set a goal for how many items you want to collect and then try to reach and exceed that goal!). By following these 5 simple steps, you can host a donation drive and make a huge difference in the lives of the guests at the Welcome House. Every single donation counts, and we can’t wait to see the impact that YOU will make on families experiencing homelessness in our area!