Staff & Board of Directors

Meet the team behind the mission.

Welcome House is more than a homeless shelter. It’s a place that inspires hope within our clients to have a better future. And it begins with the people working behind the scenes.

Danielle Amrine – Chief Executive Officer

Danielle Amrine has a passion for nonprofit work and making the world a better place, for humans and creatures alike. Throughout her career she has worked with several nonprofits, bringing social service programs to life and bettering overall client and program outcomes. Danielle earned a BSW from Mount St. Joseph University, MSW from the University of Kentucky, MBA from Thomas Moore University, and the CORe Business Certification from Harvard University.

Danielle is the Chief Executive Officer of The Welcome House of Northern Kentucky where she focuses on providing a continuum of services that end homelessness in the Northern Kentucky region. She is a member of the National Association of Women MBAs, Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business, and a board member for the Leadership Council of Greater Cincinnati and The League for Animal Welfare.  Danielle enjoys reading, volunteering with several different animals rescues, and spending time with her two daughters (Mallory and Lydia), five rescue dogs (Chewie, Dixie, Lucy, GusGus, and Roscoe), along with being an avid baker.

To contact Danielle- her email is


Senior Leadership Team

  • Amanda Couch, VP of Program Operations
  • Elizabeth LaPash, VP of HR & Grant Administration
  • Kelly Rose, VP of Marketing & Development
  • Brian Van Arsdale, COO

Management Team

  • Kirsten Auch, Account & Payroll Supervisor
  • Kate Flanagan, Director of Housing & Supportive Services
  • Jenna Gurren, Director of Homeless Solutions
  • Evan Hennessy, Supervisor of Homeless Solutions
  • Bruce Hill, Supervisor of Regional Services
  • Julie Schatz, Shelter Services Supervisor

Administration & Development

  • Natalie Endres, Development & Marketing Coordinator
  • Brandy Lovensheimer, Compliance Coordinator
  • Paul Klein, IT Specialist
  • Jasmine Murdoch, Accounting Specialist
  • Brian Theis, Accounting Specialist

Homeless Solutions

  • Becky Adams, Medical Respite Program Coordinator
  • Melissa Blanton, Shelter Peer Support
  • Jessica Godby, Shelter Advocate
  • Samantha Goldsberry, Assessment & Resource Coordinator
  • Yolanda Hamza, Social Security Outreach Specialist – Team Lead
  • Alyson Hubbard, Receptionist
  • Troy Harper, Outreach Peer Support Specialist
  • Shari Hays, Family Promise Program Coordinator
  • TJ Jansen, VA Program Coordinator
  • Lisa Kutz, Street Outreach Service Coordinator – Team Lead
  • Misty Lester, Shelter Advocate
  • Shannon McGuire, Service Coordinator
  • Emily Ricket, Shelter Adovcate
  • Mark Singleton, Mental Health Service Coordinator
  • Andrew Spurlock, Service Coordinator
  • Kristina Vickers, Shelter Advocate
  • Lindsay Vogel, Service Coordinator
  • Candace Wenger, Outreach Peer Support Specialist
  • April Williams, Service Coordinator, Shelter
  • Carrie Wynn, Shelter Advocate

Regional Services

  • Michelle Elrick, Prevention Service Coordinator – Buffalo Trace, Teal Lead
  • Jason Giles, Rapid Re-Housing Service Coordinator – Buffalo Trace
  • Kennedy Parks-Wilson, Street Outreach Service Coordinator – Lake Cumberland

Housing & Supportive Services

  • Jerrilyn Bryant, Payee Service Coordinator
  • Tanesha Johnson, Housing Nagivator
  • Andrea Price, Payee Account Manager – Team Lead
  • Tasha Ross, Housing Service Coordinator
  • JoAnn Shockney, Housing Navigator – Team Lead
  • Monica Smith, Rapid Re-Housing Service Coordinator
  • Nickie Townsend, Permanent Supportive Housing Service Coordinator

Board of Directors

  • Lily Ambrosius
  • Chris Bauer
  • Laura Canter – Secretary
  • Elisahia Chamberlain
  • Chris Francis
  • Corey Foister
  • Emily Heidt, Treasury
  • Alyse Hoffer, Chair
  • Ellee Humphrey
  • Connie Kremer
  • Lucy Lane
  • Jeff Lucas
  • Amanda Meeker
  • Karen Oswald
  • Paula Rottinghaus
  • Marie Schenkel
  • Katherine Simone
  • Jason Spaulding
  • Travis Taylor
  • Lauren Vogel – Vice Chair
  • Randi Wise