Planned Giving

Do you want to help, but can’t right now?

Consider becoming a Heritage Donor by including Welcome House in your estate plan. This is an ideal gifting opportunity for people who want to help further the mission of Welcome House, but can’t afford to part with their money today.

Advantages of Making a Planned Gift


Just a few sentences in your will or trust, or a simple beneficiary change to your IRA or life insurance policy, may be all that is needed.


The timing is up to you.


There are several ways to accomplish your charitable wishes in your estate plan. We can help you identify which best suits your particular goals.

Tax Benefits

Depending on the type of charitable bequest you choose, your gift may have tax benefits to you during your life or to your estate.

Ways to Give

  • Bequest in Will or Trust
  • Charitable Trust
  • Retirement Plan Assets
  • Life Insurance

All information provided on this page is for clarifying purposes only. Please discuss legal terms/wording with your attorney.