Student Board Member Opportunity

We are excited about creating an opportunity for local area high school students to engage with their community through membership on the Welcome House Board of Directors.

Many organizations around the country use students as part of their councils or boards. Though many of these programs incorporate university students in graduate programs, our Student Board Member Program (SBM) is specifically targeted for local area high school students.

By engaging with local high school students, Welcome House will benefit from the valuable first hand perspectives youth bring from their unique and diverse communities.

Student board members will have the potential to be powerful advocates for Welcome House and for the community at large. Students will also help our current board members by providing fresh ideas through innovation, creativity, and citizenship. An opportunity like this will help local students make a real difference, as well as encourage them to feel part of something larger than themselves.

Why should you be a part of the Student Board Member Program?

You will learn how to liaise between employees and volunteers of Welcome House, as well as with current board members of Welcome House. Many students would like to be involved in their community, but they are not sure how to get involved; how or where to help; nor do they always feel comfortable participating in new experiences. By creating the SBM program we are helping local students by encouraging them to engage their community, as well as their family, friends, and classmates to become involved and share in a great experience (San Diego District Attorney, 2012). Other benefits of being a student board member will include:

  • Gain new skills from a generation full of knowledge and experience
  • Develop partnerships with local area leaders from a myriad of industry backgrounds
  • Develop communication skills, leadership skills, public speaking skills, project management skills, and skills which will aid you when working as a team
  • Volunteering your time to an organization and community which appreciates your commitment to help
  • Learn to become a spokesperson and promoter within your school and local community
  • Learn how to recruit family, friends, and the community to engage in support and volunteering
  • Learn valuable professional and life skills

For further questions, please access the full Student Board Member Packet here. If interested in participating, please contact Kelly Rose by phone at 859.431.8717 or email at

A special thank you to Laura Canter from the Welcome House Outreach in her help in putting this plan together.


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