Be a Champion for Welcome House.

Q. What is it to be a Champion?

A. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a Champion is someone who fights or speaks publicly in support of a person, belief, and/or cause. That is exactly what it means to be a Champion for Welcome House, our mission, and most importantly – the people we serve daily.


Q. How do I become a Champion?

A. You have just taken the first step! To become a Champion for Welcome House you are making a commitment to contribute on a monthly basis in support of our mission and our clients. This monthly financial contribution champions for the needs of our clients as they make the difficult climb out of poverty and into housing.


Q. How does my recurring gift help Welcome House?

A. Your recurring gift is crucial to the success of Welcome House. It allows us to plan for the future and ensures support can be provided to families all year round. Our staff offers a holistic approach in providing services to our clients to take them from housing uncertainty to housing stability. By becoming a Champion, you allow us to continue this important work for the community.


Q. How do I become a Champion?

A. Click here. This will take you to our donation page where you can input your information and select the contribution method as “donation”. After selecting donation, you will see an amount, frequency (monthly), and start date appear. Input this information and our website will walk you through the process.


Q. Your “Championing” in action.

A. Natalie is a single-mom who became homeless with her two young children after leaving an unsafe living environment with their father. Natalie was able to make ends meet for a while by herself, until her hours were cut back at her job. Supporting two young children and paying market-rate rent while working full time and going to school is not an easy task. Those pressures (mixed with her vehicle breaking down) are what led Natalie into financial distress and to Welcome House. Through our Champions, we were able to offer support services and educational programs to Natalie and her family through our Gardens at Greenup program after they were stably housed. Natalie has been working with Welcome House for almost a year now while holding a steady job and going to school at Gateway. She looks forward to the future for her family and her upcoming graduation in May.


For any further questions on becoming a Champion for Welcome House, contact Kelly Rose at 859.431.8717 or email


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