Street Outreach Nurse

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Posted 5/23/2019

The Street Outreach Nurse is a full-time professional, direct service position responsible for identifying and building rapport with homeless individuals and families living on the street or in community places. This position provides outreach and assessments along with nursing services for homeless individuals living in the community. This position will assist clients in breaking the cycle of homelessness by moving from the street to interim housing, accessing necessary

Social services, and rapidly obtaining permanent housing. This position performs duties in accordance with Welcome House Core Values, including: Ethical, Collaborative, Client-Centered, Accountable, Professional, and Passionate.




1.      Outreach

·        Provides professional nursing care to individuals served by the outreach program.

·        Identifies physical, social, and emotional health needs through nursing assessment, health history, and limited physical evaluation.

·        Teaches, counsels, and promotes preventive illness measures to outreach clients.

·        Provides clinical education and training to area homeless clients and families concerning social problems and associated health issues, including nutritional deficits, substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, neglect, and victims of crimes.

·        Identify and provide outreach services to the homeless population in the community, on the streets and in homeless camps.

·        Providing essential services necessary to reach out to unsheltered homeless people; connect them with emergency shelter, housing, or critical services.

·        Organizes Mobile Outreach Team to ensure proper coverage by team members.

·        Responsible for providing documentation of homelessness for the Mobile Outreach Team.


2.      Internal/External Collaboration

·        Collaborates with the Mobile Outreach Team to assist clients in accessing resources.

·        Work cohesively with other outreach community members and the NKY CoC Community.

·        Identify and engage needed partnerships that will improve services and/or process and reduce barriers for clients

·        Provides respectful and collaborative support to service team members and shares responsibility with all team members for client outcomes.

·        Maintains positive public relations and serves as a liaison with other related community services.

·        Provide other WH direct service staff with mentoring and training about street outreach and nursing procedures.


3.      Administration

·        Maintains up to date client list.

·        Keeps accurate data on all clients and assists the Director of Program Operations with data gathering and reporting, as needed.

·        Provides analysis of data and outcomes to the Director of Program Operations, when requested.


4.      Other duties as specified by the Director of Program Operations.









Skills/Specialized Knowledge/Abilities


Key Performance Indicators:



Working Hours/Environment


Tools and Equipment Used




Physical and Mental Demands

Minimum lifting up to and above 50 pounds

Welcome House is an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to gender, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other protected class.

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