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Posted 6/30/2021

The Payee Services Account Manager is a full-time position responsible for providing financial management for clients enrolled in the Payee Program. Financial management includes ongoing bill payment, advocacy with banks and landlords, and other service providers on behalf of the program participant. Also, working with the program participant to help create a stable living environment to ensure basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and health needs are met. Protective Payee Services assists people with mental and physical disabilities and victims of crime by budgeting and direct bill payment of their Social Security disability income. This position performs duties following the Welcome House Core Values, including Compassion, Advocacy, Integrity, Quality, Leadership, and Community.

1. Recruitment and Intake
• Maintain written materials that explain the program and referral process.
• Initiate and maintain contact with area agencies to inform them of Protective Payee Services, instruct individuals as to the application process. Meet target goals on referrals to the program. Maintain updated and accurate list of referrals to program and status of referrals.
• Process applications and work with Social Security Administration or Veteran’s Administration to submit required documents in a timely manner.
• When first check is received conduct intake appointments and enter client information into our HMIS (Vesta) database.
2. Account management
• Maintain awareness of the program participant’s day to day needs and effectively use his or her income payments to meet those needs
• Develop a budget to plan with program participant for spending needs at least every quarter that reflects mutually crafted financial goals
• Implement client budget by writing checks/loading debit card for weekly spending and making timely payment of monthly bills (utilities, rent, phone, cable, etc.)
• Report any event that may affect the beneficiary’s entitlement to benefits or payment amount
• Submit the appropriate forms to the Social Security Administration for periodic reviews or redeterminations of SSI eligibility factors. Supply information about the beneficiary’s income, resources and living arrangements to help SSA determine if the SSI beneficiary is still eligible for SSI and is receiving the correct payment amount;
• Explain Social Security and SSI payments, and the client’s expenses, to him or her and advise the beneficiary of current and past due benefits
• Report to SSA on all the beneficiary’s work activity, impairment-related work expenses, blind countable expenses, and earned income exclusions;
• Establish and maintain Stable Accounts and funeral trust as appropriate
• Assist with arranging transportation or order groceries to be delivered as needed
• Help the beneficiary furnish appropriate information for the SSA review of continuing disability.
• Notify SSA of any event or change that will affect the client’s entitlement to benefits
• Enter all checking account transactions into accounting software.
• Reports any event that may affect the client’s entitlement to benefits and actively work to ensure that benefits are maintained
• Work collaboratively with local banks in ensuring correct accounting.
• Participate in bi-weekly supervision meetings and weekly team meetings.
• Enter data into the HMIS (Vesta) database within three business days.
3. Public Relations
• Represent the agency, payee program, and Supervisor and/or Director of Housing and Supportive Services at outside agency meetings on an as-needed basis.
• Maintain positive public relations and serves as a liaison with other related community services.
4. Other duties as specified by the Supervisor and/or Director of Housing and Supportive Services.

• Associate Degree or equivalent desired

• A minimum of 1-3 years’ experience in the accounting, marketing or social service fields

Skills/Specialized Knowledge/Abilities
• Knowledge of problem solving techniques and have a high capacity to think critically
• Be efficient and thorough in documentation skills
• Advanced ability to communicate both verbally and in writing
• Advanced ability in conflict management
• Ability to work independently as well as part of a team
• Ability to develop community resources and networking ability
• Ability to collaborate both internally and externally

Key Performance Indicators:
• Understand the agency vision/mission and how to achieve agency goals
• Understand the culture of poverty and work effectively with clients
• Proficient in client engagement
• Increased knowledge of and involvement in community resources/partnerships
• Increased knowledge of Mental Health/Substance Abuse resources

Working Hours/Environment
• Work typically performed in an indoor office building or meeting clients at community offices

Tools and Equipment Used
• Personal computer, copier, fax/scanner, phone, and other typical office equipment

• Frequent – 75% of the time

Physical and Mental Demands
• Frequently required to sit at a desk/workstation for long period of time
• Ability to work at a computer terminal for extended periods of time
• Digital dexterity and hand/eye coordination in operation of office equipment
• Ability to speak to and hear employees/clients via phone or in person
• Body motor skills sufficient to enable incumbent to move between 3 floors
• Additional Mental Requirements: compare, decide, direct, problem solve, analyze, instruct, interpret
• Minimal lifting up to and above 50 pounds

Interested parties should submit a cover letter and resume via e-mail to:

Welcome House is an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to gender, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other protected class.

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