Opportunity Youth Service Coordinator

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Posted 3/12/2019

The Opportunity Youth Service Coordinator is a full-time professional, direct service position responsible for working with clients who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless between the ages of 18 and 24 to develop appropriate case plans and goals for obtaining stable income and housing.  This position also provides on-going assessment and support to clients and helps clients utilize community resources to meet their individual needs.  This position performs duties in accordance with Welcome House Core Values, including: Ethical, Collaborative, Client-Centered, Accountable, Professional, and Passionate.



1. Service Coordination

·         Maintain caseload containing all of the Opportunity Youth clients (ages 18-24) at Welcome House.

·         Regularly meets with clients, at a minimum on a monthly basis, in the office or off-site to review client budget and bill payment.

·         Regularly meets with clients to discuss and review issues that impact client income and housing, review client case plans for stability and self-determination.

·         Conducts a home visit at least monthly with each client and in the month prior to HUD recertification to ensure compliance with HUD requirements.

·         Coordinates clients’ access to government services and other non-profit services.

·         Advocates for clients when necessary, and empowers clients to advocate for themselves, when appropriate.

·         Maintains accurate and up-to-date documentation of client case plans, case notes, and change of status documents and other reporting and tracking forms.

·         Enters client data into Vesta within 3 business days.

·         Providing essential services necessary to reach out to unsheltered homeless people: connecting them with emergency shelter, housing or critical services.

·         Provides transportation for clients/client families, as needed.

·         Completes check-ins and provides oversight to the Opportunity Youth Transitional Housing Property(s) where youth clients live.

·         Executes and maintains apartment rental leases/agreements for Opportunity Youth clients residing in transitional apartments.

·         Manages and maintains relationships with landlords providing rental apartments to Opportunity Youth clients.

·         Writes and tracks rent payments for all youth clients with rental agreements.

·         Establishes plans to help exit youth clients from transitional housing properties or attain self-sufficiency in rental payments.

·         Serves as the lead on administering the Homeless Prevention funds utilized for families with students in school and provides service coordination as needed.

2. Internal/External Collaboration

·         Works as  part of the Service Coordination team with Welcome House Outreach & Stability and Housing Services to provide a continuum of quality services to clients.

·         Provides respectful and collaborative support to service team members and shares responsibility with all team members for client outcomes.

·         Represents the agency, Service Coordination team and/or Director of Program Operations at outside agency meetings on an as needed basis.

·         Maintains positive public relations and serves as a liaison with other related community services.

·         Provide outreach services to the homeless population in the community, on the streets, in homeless camps and in the Northern Kentucky rural counties as deemed necessary by the Director of Program Operations.

·         Responsible for providing documentation of homelessness in collaboration with the Service Coordination team.

3. Administration

·         Maintains up to date client list.

·         Keeps accurate data on all clients and assists the Director of Program Operations with data gathering and reporting, as needed.

·         Provides information to the Director of Program Operations for quarterly and annual reporting purposes.

·         Provides analysis of data and outcomes to the Director of Program Operations, when requested.

4. Other duties as specified by the Director of Program Operations.









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Welcome House is an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to gender, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other protected class.

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