Supervisor of Housing & Supportive Services

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Posted 9/12/2022

The Supervisor of Housing & Supportive Services is a full-time position working one-on-one and as a team with service coordinators for effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and coordination. The Supervisor of Housing & Supportive Services leads by example, training and coaching staff to build a team that ensures quality services to the participants. The Supervisor of Housing & Supportive Services is a member of management and collaborates with other direct service Supervisors and Directors to develop an integrated services approach so as to ensure quality, efficiency and effectiveness of participants services within the agency and the community.

The Supervisor of Housing & Supportive Services is expected to model professional behavior and provide regular supervision for staff, as well as ensure service area compliance with government and other grant regulations. The Supervisor of Housing & Supportive Services is responsible for data collection, reporting, and monitoring case files and program budgets to ensure compliance with federal and other grant regulations. This position performs duties in accordance with Welcome House Core Values, including: Compassion, Advocacy, Integrity, Quality, Leadership and Community.

1. Administration
• Provides leadership and support to the Housing & Supportive Services team.
• Builds strategic strong relationships in the community for the benefit of and advocacy for the participants.
• Assists the Housing & Supportive Services team to identify and access community resources.
• Makes sure that referrals are being made in a timely and effective manner internally to other service areas and to community resources.
• Monitors timely, accurate, and concise documentation of participants’ case plans, case notes and homeless eligibility documentation, change of status forms and other reporting/tracking forms in accordance with agency and funder guidelines.
• Monitors that participant data is entered into Vesta within 3 business days.
• Implements the development and integration of service goals, timelines and outcomes.
• Implementation of program and agency Policies & Procedures.
• Reviews time sheets and time logs for accuracy on a bi-weekly basis for payroll and compliance purposes.
2. Management
• Encourages collaboration between all Welcome House services.
• Oversight of hiring, supervision, and evaluation of staff for the Housing & Supportive Services Team.
• Creation of training and onboarding materials with oversite of new hire training.
• Collaborates with the Partnership Center to create new users and set-up trainings for new staff in Vesta.
• Manages employee performance through a process which clearly identifies performance expectations, delivers timely constructive feedback, and provides appropriate recognition.
• Communicates to the Director of Housing & Supportive Services any staff issues or concerns.
• Maintains real-time program participant lists, waiting lists, and with the Director of Housing & Supportive Services manages caseloads and assigns new cases.
• Oversite of activities provided through the VOCA program.
• When necessary, manage a case load as assigned by the Director of Housing & Supportive Services.
• Reviews data, monthly and quarterly reports and performance measures and reports to Director of Housing & Supportive Services to evaluate the services.
3. Internal/External Collaboration
• Provide outreach services to the homeless population in the community, on the streets, in homeless camps and in the Northern Kentucky rural counties as deemed necessary by the Director of Housing & Supportive Services.
• Responsible for providing documentation of homelessness in collaboration with the Housing & Supportive Services team.
• Attends Local Prioritization Committee meetings.
4. Reporting
• Manages a tracking system/protocol for team and provides information to Director of Housing & Supportive Services for quarterly and annual reporting purposes.
• Provides analysis of data and outcomes as directed by Director of Housing & Supportive Services.
5. Service Area Development and Evaluation
• Assists in developing and analyzing outcome measures. Adapts interventions in response to assessments of clients’ needs.
• Researches best practices and maintains source material and relevant trainings/webinars for team members.
• Regularly review caseloads, plans and documentation to ensure that services are being delivered and will result in the best outcomes for participants and are compliant with Welcome House values.
• Providing essential services necessary to reach out to unsheltered homeless people; connect them with emergency shelter, housing or critical services.
6. Public Relations
• Provides appropriate advocacy activities for staff, volunteers, and participants.
• Networks and builds collaborations to improve the quality and effectiveness of services.
• Maintains positive public relations and serves as a liaison with community service providers and Welcome House partner agencies.
7. Other duties as specified by the Director of Housing & Supportive Services.

• Bachelor’s Degree required, Master’s Degree desired.

• Minimum of one-year of supervisory experience preferred.
Previous experience working with homelessness, individuals with mental illness, and/or individuals undergoing treatment for substance abuse.

Skills/Specialized Knowledge/Abilities
• Proficient in problem solving techniques and have a high capacity to think critically
• Proficient ability to communicate both verbally and in writing
• Proficient ability in conflict management
• Advanced to work independently as well as part of a team
• Advanced ability to develop community resources and networking ability
• Increased knowledge of and involvement in community resources/partnerships
• Proficient knowledge of Mental Health/Substance Abuse resources
• Strong leadership ability
• Ability to collaborate both internally and externally

Key Performance Indicators:
• Understands agency vision/mission and how to achieve agency goals
• Understands culture of poverty and works effectively with participants
• Proficient in case planning and client engagement
• Proficient in documentation and have to ability to train staff
• High Involvement in community partnerships
• Proficient knowledge of Mental Health/Substance Abuse resources
• Provides training, coaching and mentoring of case managers
• Proficient in job readiness
• Proficient in assessment
• Participating in leadership responsibilities within case management team and agency
• Ability to understand and contribute to quarterly and annual reporting
• Takes on leadership role in departmental and cross-functional compliance

Working Hours/Environment
• Work typically performed in an indoor, 3-floor office building.

Tools and Equipment Used
• Personal computer, copier, fax/scanner, phone, and other typical office equipment.

• 15-20% of the time

Physical and Mental Demands
• Frequently required to sit at a desk/workstation for long period of time
• Ability to work at a computer terminal for extended periods of time
• Digital dexterity and hand/eye coordination in operation of office equipment
• Ability to speak to and hear employees/clients via phone or in person
• Body motor skills sufficient to enable incumbent to move between 3 floors
• Additional Mental Requirements: compare, decide, direct, problem solve, analyze, instruct, interpret
• Minimum lifting up to 50 pounds



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Welcome House is an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to gender, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other protected class.


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