Assessment & Resource Coordinator

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Posted 5/23/2019

The Assessment and Resource Coordinator (ARC) is responsible for assessing individuals & families in collaboration with the Intake Service Specialist to determine which services he or she is qualified to receive through Welcome House, and/or other support networks in the community. The ARC is responsible for back-up to the Intake Service Specialist position, as needed.  The ARC is responsible for serving as the Welcome House subject matter expert on the various community resources available to individuals based on their needs, and seeks to establish contacts at these various providers. This position is responsible for tracking and inputting data in VESTA, and generating various reports, as directed by the Director of Program Operations. This position performs duties in accordance with Welcome House Core Values, including: Ethical, Collaborative, Client-Centered, Accountable, Professional, and Passionate.


1. Screening and Assessment

  • Screens individuals & families in collaboration with the Intake Service Specialist at point of entry and conducts an extensive needs assessment to understand how to best serve the individual.
  • Assigns orientation times for connection to Service Coordination. Connects individuals and families to Shelter, as appropriate and any Welcome House Program that fits their needs.
  • Actively collaborates with Service Coordinators and other Welcome House staff, as appropriate to discuss key observations and information from the initial assessment.
  • Educates and connects individuals & families with community resources.
  • Provides an open and judgment-free atmosphere to all persons entering Welcome House.

2. Community Networking and Resources

  • Serves as the primary Welcome House contact for local resources, and maintains up to date information for appropriate referrals, and information for walk-ins and telephone callers.
  • Actively seeks to establish, development, and maintain relationships with existing and new community resource providers, and serves as a liaison for various programs, including St. John’s emergency assistance program and the Apartment Association.
  • Represents Welcome House at various community meetings, including Safety Net Alliance meetings and various sub-committees in the community.
  • Works collaboratively with the Development Coordinator in monitoring and distributing basement/donation inventory.
  • Responsible for communicating with Service Coordinators regarding items in basement that need to be distributed to clients.

3. Administration

  • Oversees and administers Apartment Association budgets.
  • Collects, analyzes and evaluates data to create quarterly and annual reports demonstrating program effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Works in collaboration with the Intake Service Specialist in providing appropriate community resource information and referrals for people walking in to request services at Welcome House.
  • Inputs client data into VESTA and assists the Director of Program Operations with reporting & tracking.

4. Service Coordination

  • Maintains a caseload of up to 6 clients, as needed.
  • Regularly meets with clients, at a minimum of a monthly basis, in the office or off-site to review client budget and bill payment.
  • Regularly meets with clients to discuss and review issues that impact client income and housing, review client case plans for stability and self-determination.
  • Conducts a home visit at least bi-monthly with each client and in the month prior to HUD recertification to ensure compliance with HUD requirements.
  • Coordinates clients’ access to government services and other non-profit services.
  • Advocates for clients when necessary, and empowers clients to advocate for themselves, when appropriate.
  • Maintains accurate and up-to-date documentation of client case plans, case notes, and change of status documents and other reporting and tracking forms.
  • Enter client data into VESTA within 3 business days.
  • Provide outreach services to the homeless population in the community, on the streets, in homeless camps and in the Northern Kentucky rural counties as deemed necessary by the Director of Program Operations.
  • Responsible for providing documentation of homelessness in collaboration with the Service Coordination team.
  • Provides transportation for clients/client families, as needed.

5. Other duties as specified by the Director of Program Operations.








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Welcome House is an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to gender, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other protected class.

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